A beautiful little 5 year old girl stands up to give her 2 cents worth of opinion to some community leaders where she lives.
I pray that I and all of the rest of us can and will become as brave, as passionate, and as patriotic as the little girl in this video is. It’s time for the madness to end.
Up to now I have been drenching the internet, where I have been allowed to, with IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP FOLKS!
From this point forward after praying about it, I am changing my strategy. I’ll no longer inundate the internet with It’s time to wake up. Instead I’ll be spreading, ”IT’S TIME FOR ALL GOD FEARING PEOPLE TO GET ON YOUR KNEES (if you are able to) AND PLEAD WITH GOD TO OPEN YOUR EYES UP TO THE TRUTHS HE IS SHOWING YOU IN THIS MOMENT, AND BEG THAT HE WILL WAKE YOU AND OTHERS UP AND LET YOU ALL KNOW WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO WITH THOSE TRUTHS!”.
The Truth is, whether you accept it or not, that CABAL (a group of the richest and greediest people in the world who just happen to worship satan as they rape, torture, then murder infants and very young children then offer them as sacrifices to satan. Then they drink some of the blood of those innocent ones. See my web page https://theloveofgod.org/plan-for-world-domination/
There you can read the manifest of CABAL (Grand Mason’s). Does any thing on that page sound familiar to you?
They only wrote that manifest a little over 250 years ago in 1770. They have been known by other names since at least the 12th. century, and probably were already in existence for centuries before knowledge of them was realized as they have always done their wicked works in darkness. I first learned of them about 50 years ago when they were known as The Circle, then later as The Illuminati, and now as CABAL and the DEEP STATE which has wickedly blackmailed and bought their way into controlling individuals in the governments,  the media, and the major corporations of the nations of this world. When I first learned about them I was very eager to tell everyone about them. I was sort of like new Christians are who want to share Jesus with everyone and share the new truths that God has revealed to them.
Nobody believed me 50 years ago. Most of them thought I was totally insane because they couldn’t accept the unbelievably evil things I had come to know as truth. Because of that and the fact that at that time The Circle was still murdering people who tried to expose them, I decided just to keep my mouth shut for a while. Now God has revealed more truths to me and I believe the time has come to share those truths of the evil plans of CABAL to take control of every resource on this planet. They consider humans simply as more resources for them to exploit and control. I have a video at the top of the landing page to my 7 video channels at https://theloveofgod.org/the-world-awakens/ which explains all of this in more detail that is entitled “2021 ANONYMOUS MESSAGE TO AMERICA AND WE THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD”. I also pray you will partake of the other Blessings of God that are contained in the website there by selecting the Home button at the bottom of the Video Channel pages.
There are also other videos on the landing page, as well as links to the other channels at the bottom of the page which tell the truth about what CABAL is and what they don’t want you to know that they are doing around the world. The truth is there, I pray to God, that He will use my work to help His people to see those truths. Like Ezekiel in chapter 2, I believe that revealing and sharing these truths, which He has led me to see for nearly 50 years now, are a part of my ministry while I’m still breathing on this planet. And like in chapter 3 of Ezekiel I feel that God is leading me to share these truths. Also like in  Ezekiel 3, it doesn’t matter to Him if anyone accepts or hearkens to those truths, only that I share it all with them. He will mercifully judge us all according to what what we do with the truth He reveals to us. It is up to each individual to decide what to do with truth when it is presented to him/her. And my hands will then be clean because I will have done what I am supposed to do.
LORD! As I attempt to share these truths that You have given to me about this evil world which we now live in and that has been called by many, as the CABAL has named it, this NEW WORLD ORDER, will be received by Your people. I pray that You, by Your Loving Grace and Mercy will open the eyes of all of Your people, WE THE PEOPLE of the world, to see the truths before us and that we can see and understand that the governments of this NEW WORLD ORDER are evil, corrupt and wicked, being led by their satan worshipping overlords, those evil persons who are offering the blood of our innocent children to BA-AL (satan) and denying that You are the truly KIng over all things and calling satan their king. LORD I pray you will intervene and bring their wicked rule over this world to an end as Your people become awakened to the truth. I pray that Your Peace will at last cover this earth as those wicked ones are brought under your feet and that every knee bows before You. Father let Your Perfect Will be done. We love you LORD! We need you! Deliver us from the wickedness that oppresses us. I pray in Your Holy Name Jesus!
You’ll notice that at times I will get on paths and go where I feel led by God to go at that time. I usually get long winded when that happens. I will not apologize for that.
Now I’m back to me. So enjoy the movie friends. NCSWIC! Please pray for my work and share the truths that are revealed to your minds/hearts