Father, I pray

Father, I pray for S….. this morning who is feeling the effects from the attacks on Your called out ones by the present darkness covering this planet from the workings of satan and all off his servants. I ask you Father to Bless S….. with the presence of your Spirit and the awareness of your presence and that S….. might have peace of mind that only comes from You. Please deliver S….., and any countless others who are suffering unhealthy thoughts being broadcasted from satan at this current time.

Father I pray that you would deliver S….. and and any others reaching out to you because of the uncertainty, fears, and worries they are living with caused by the satanic attacks on Your people. Father, cover S….. with Your Protection and Comfort which only You can provide. I pray that soon LORD, You will stop these satanic attacks aimed at those who You are calling out of this world.

We love You Father, and we need Your Protection, Your Comfort, and the Guidance of the Light of Your Word as we walk in this present darkness. I pray that soon you will stop this satan influenced madness that is affecting all Christians around the world and that every knee will fall to their knees giving You the Praise, the Glory, and the Honor that only you are worthy of. I pray that Your Light will chase away the darkness of satan all around this planet. Father, please help us all to become more aware of Your Presence, Your Protection, and all of the Good things only You can provide for us. Help us to grow into the create-ures that You intend us to be, ignoring the influence of satan and his servants and relying totally on You as daily we wash ourselves with Your Word.

We need Your Presence LORD. We thank you for it and all else that You do for us every day. We pray in and with the Authority of the Perfect Name of Jesus, our messiah. Thank You Father! Amen