I am a

I am a pastor. I have been married for almost 18 years and have three beautiful children. My wife has become extremely cruel and cold. She has stopped going to church, and does not encourage the children to go to church either. She recently changed jobs and wanted to live in the area where she now works so I bought a farm in that area and started building a house. She has become angry because she says we are now poor and if she is going to be poor, she might as well be poor without me. She says she does not love me, and that she never has. I am not perfect, but have never beaten her or cheated on her. I am broken, and no matter what I do, she continues to be mean to me and appears to be trying to turn our children against me. She allows them to do things that I do not approve of. I am committed to her and my family and the covenant that we made with God. I know I am helpless, and I am not sure how to even pray about this anymore. My prayer has been that God would change her heart and mind, and that he would change me as well to be a better husband. Would you please pray for us?

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