by A. B. Simpson

Saturday - January 25, 2020

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When God does anything marked and special for our souls or bodies, He intends it as a sacred trust for us to communicate to others. Freely ye have received, freely give.

It has pleased the Master in these closing days of His dispensation of grace to reveal Himself in peculiar blessing to the hearts of His chosen disciples in all parts of the Christian church. But this is intended to be communicated to a still wider circle. Every one of us who has been brought into these intimate relations with God becomes a trustee or witness for these higher truths to everyone we can influence.

If God has revealed Himself to us as our Sanctifier, it is that we may help others to Him as a Sanctifier.

If He has become our Healer, it is because there are sick and suffering people to whom we can bring some blessing.

In like manner, if the hope of the Lord's coming has become precious to us, it would be worse than ingratitude for us to hide our testimony to this truth and hold it only for our own personal comfort.


Freely ye have received, freely give —Matthew 10:8