by A. W. Tozer

Saturday - January 25, 2020

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God Revealed

The word person in this context is difficult of comprehension. Church history testifies to the difficulties theologians have had with it. Sometimes the person of God has been called substance. Sometimes it has been called essence. The Godhead cannot be comprehended by the human mind. But the eternal God sustains, upholds, stands beneath all that composes the vast created universe. And Jesus Christ has been presented to us as the exact representation of God's person—all that God is.

The words exact representation, of course, have their origin in the pressed-upon-wax seal that authenticated a dignitary's document or letter. The incarnate Jesus Christ gives visible shape and authenticity to deity. When the invisible God became visible, He was Jesus Christ. When the God who could not be seen nor touched came to dwell among us, He was Jesus Christ.

I have not suggested this picture of our Lord Jesus Christ as a kind of theological argument. I am simply trying to state, in the best way I can, what the Holy Spirit has spoken through the consecrated writer of the letter to the Hebrews.


Jesus answered: ' Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.' John 14:9


What is God the Father like? Gaze upon Christ. He is the exact representation of God because he is God. See how Chist related to people, circumstances, suffering. You are seeing the invisible God revealed.


You, O Lord, have revealed God to me. Humbly but confidently, I can come to the Father in Your name.