Here is a link to a video I posted a month or two ago. I downloaded it some time ago and edited the size of the file leaving all of the content intact so I could post it to my website’s server which limits the size of files I can post to <200mb. 

This video more or less sums up a lot of all of the facts I have learned and used for years to form my “speculations” over nearly 50 years of researching the Illuminati whose head has always been the Rothschild family. This video is best viewed in full screen due to the size I had to reduce the file to so I could post it.

The Rothschild family (Illuminati/CABAL) manifesto was never documented until over 250 years ago. I also posted it a couple of years ago on my website at As you will see from a link on that page, George Soros works for the Rothschilds.

Keep in mind that the very real satan worshipping Khazarian Mafia, established centuries ago from about 100-800 A.D. and headed by the Rothschild family does now and always has hidden their identities and have always been theives and murderers. Also remember that those who currently control almost all resources on earth hide the facts about themselves through their control of most media sources including the internet. They are responsible for the appearance of Fact Checkers which appeared only after people began to see Truth and attempt to share Truth to others. What they don’t want revealed is either censored, removed from the internet, or not allowed to be viewed. Many things I have downloaded and archived over especially the past 3 years or longer can no longer be accessed by the public.

I understand this will most likely mean almost nothing to you but I am compelled to share it anyway. This is onlya small portion about Truths that have been hidden from the public for centuries and also explain everything about the evil that is currently and has for a very long time been used to exploit and contro/ this planet, it’s inhabitants, and it’s resources.

I’ll do my best to keep these things to myself in your presence. It’s probably best if you just let me remain ignorant of facts. Faith is subjective as is one’s acceptance of “facts”.

I love you with every fiber and the spirit of my being.