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I highly recommend the King James Version Bible as it is the most accurate english language word for word translation available that was derived from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. The second most accurate translation is the American Standard Version of 1901. If you find those versions difficult to read, here is a guide that should be helpful to you, or you can try the New King James Version which is the most reliable modern translation, and is easier to read. I discourage using most other translations as the majority of them are thought for thought translations, and they were not made from the original Greek text.  Although they may be easier to read and understand, most are not reliable translations, based on another Greek text written later than the original. Some of them change the meaning of the thought from the original text entirely or even omit parts of the text.

Blue Letter Bible has recently published the Legacy Standard Bible version which I am just beginning to study. So far it is compatible with the KJV. If you’d like to take look at it, it is at Legacy Standard Bible

For examples of how certain versions of the Bible have been altered to exclude information click the following buttons to see the ESV Challenge and the NIV Challenge.

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If you are comfortable and satisfied reading the version of  God’s Word that you have been reading, keep reading it. The important thing is that, no matter the version you have or that you choose, Read it. Just be aware that the “modern versions” have been altered from the original text received from God. That being said, God will speak to your heart whenever He chooses as you read His Word, and the Being with intelligence enough to design and create you, the universe, and all that is in it is intelligent enough to communicate His message to you no matter how man has corrupted the translation you may be using. As long as you read the Bible, He is able to speak to your heart. And as stated in the prior section, “Read it again!!!”.  God may reveal a truth to you that you didn’t notice before. A truth that He knew your mind was not ready to receive when you read a certain passage at an earlier time. The most important thing is…


This book will keep you from sin…   Sin will keep you from this book.

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For anyone interested, here is The King James Bible BBC Documentary Video (58 Mins.) about the origin of the King James Bible