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You will find here a collection of videos that have been banned by the Deep State as they try to continue to hide from the Light of Truth. In fact, some videos on my 6 Rumble channels have been 'disappearing' over the past year or so prompting me to create my own self-hosted video channels. I pray these videos may help to open your eyes to truths you'll never see or hear about from the main stream media (MSM). The Deep State (CABAL) owns the vast majority of the media services of this world and they don't want you to know the seemingly unbelievable truth about them and their incredibly evil crimes against all of humanity. This organization, CABAL, worships satan and uses children and even infants as sacrifices to satan.
To all people of this planet - The leaders of your government and most governments of the world have forgotten something. Many of them believe that they are our rulers. They need to be reminded, they are not and have never been elected to be Rulers over We The People. They were elected to serve We The People from their home states and districts and not as rulers. Never forget... We never surrender to tyranny. We don't stand down. We double down and fight for the God given Constitutional rights of all Americans and We The People of the world.
What we are now seeing happening in America and all around this planet is the desperate writhing of the dying CABAL/Deep State. CABAL, beginning in 2004 had a 16 year plan in which Obama would be the most powerful political figure in the world for 8 years, followed by Hillary Clinton for 8 years who would lead America into a nuclear conflict with Russia. After Obama, Donald J. Trump ruined the CABAL 16 year plan by the things he accomplished while in office and collected evidence on CABAL activities and all or their “puppets” worldwide. HE IS NOT FINISHED YET! Now the world is finally awakening to all of the lies of the satan worshipping CABAL organization and their puppets in governments and news/social media all around this planet. CABAL now realizes their end is imminent and since they lost 4 years from their 16 year plan, now that JoeBama is their new puppet in office, CABAL is desperately trying to “catch up” to the point they had planned to be at in the year 2020 of their 16 year plan. Because rushing their plan causes them to make mistakes, people all over the world are beginning to see. It’s time to AWAKEN THE WORLD so that We The People around the world can see the truth and stand up against the tyrannical political lies and atrocities committed against us daily. These pages are my feeble attempt to help some still unaware of CABAL see the truths the CABAL has hidden from them for the past few hundred years, particularly for the past 50 years or so. Click here to read the CABAL manifest which was only written by them a little over 250 years ago. Does anything there sound familiar? GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF IS BEHIND THIS PATRIOT PLAN TO DEFEAT CABAL. Pray, Patriots, Pray!!!
What to do if your job is at stake for not taking the jab...
Mandatory IS NOT Law.
These video channels are a work in progress. More channels may be added from time to time. More videos will probably be added to most channels from time to time.
     PLEASE! Don’t accept what is presented on these video channels as truth just because knowledgable, seemingly reliable sources say it and show you charts, graphs, etc… People doing that is a major cause of many of the problems we are having in this country, and all over this beautiful planet. When a lot of people see or hear something on television or the internet, or if they hear it on the radio, or read about it in newspaper, book, or magazine, they simply accept and believe it.
     Don’t do that! Research for truthful, critical information enough that you can learn whether it is truth or if it is just mainstream media propaganda. Prove all things to yourself, don’t just accept someone else’s beliefs or their opinions as fact. Prove things in your own mind so as not to be blinded to facts.
     May God Bless and protect you as you walk in this world!!!
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More Truthful Videos To Help You Understand That You've Been Lied To All Of Your Life By The Evening News.
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Proofs of 2020 Election Fraud

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