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This video channel is about presenting truth to you about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Did you know that although the illegitimate Biden administration is pushing for and has now obtained illegal FDA approval of the vaccines supposedly in order to legally mandate them. It is illegal and unconstitutional to do that with an experimental vaccine as long as there are effective alternative treatments for the disease the vaccine has been developed for. Never mind that the vaccines don’t work and they have killed many thousands of people around the world. Do you remember reading or hearing about Ivermectin, Vitamin D3 and Hydrochloroquine being effectively used on many thousands of patients infected with COVID-19 or as a preventative treatment?
The plain, simple truth is the reasons for the illegal lockdowns and ridiculous restrictions being placed on us innocents are that the CABAL controlled governments lust for more control over people, and CABAL owned Big Pharma manufacturers around the world are greedy. COVID-19 vaccines have already to date this year (August 2021) earned greater than $25 Billion for Big Pharma. Pfizer alone expects to reach $33.5 Billion of COVID-19 vaccine sales this year. Just think of all the money being made downstream from Big Pharma by hospitals, clinics, doctors and all of the health care industries. It’s all about power and greed. It’s time for all of us, including YOU to WAKE UP! STAND UP FOR TRUTH AND FREEDOM from tyranny of the evil CABAL bought and paid for governments of this world.
What to do if your job is at stake for not taking the jab…

Click here to see this web page with legal advice from America’s Frontline Doctors.

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You are already convinced that the vaccines don’t work!!!

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About The Vaccine Videos
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From a Tweet by Dr. Adam Aneevit…

From the very beginning, the COVID PLANDEMIC was never about testing our immune systems.

It was designed to test our intelligence, our compliance and our tolerance.
Many have failed on all 3. But not all of us.
Not all of us.

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